Emergency Management

Emergency Management Coordinator

The emergency management coordinator (EMC) is responsible for the township’s emergency response plans and oversees the township’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), a dedicated group of volunteers committed to serving their community if disaster strikes. Volunteers are always needed. Contact the EMC for more information.


In the event of a disaster, the overall responsibility for decision-making within Schuylkill Township rests with the Board of Supervisors. Only the Board of Supervisors may declare a local emergency and mobilize the township’s Emergency Operations Center.

The Emergency Operations Center will be activated when a Township emergency is declared, generally in the case of disasters and emergencies requiring a response beyond that provided by police, fire, and road personnel. In the case of a natural or man-made disaster Township residents are encouraged to tune in to FM stations WHYY (90.9) and WMGK (102.9) or watch local TV for current information.

Disaster Preparedness

Disasters strike without warning. You may be forced to evacuate or shelter in place. Basic services such as water, gas, electric and telephones may be cut off and local first responders cannot reach everyone right away. Prepare your family’s disaster preparedness plan in advance; knowing what to do is your best protection and your responsibility. Be informed, be prepared, and be involved.

Residents with Special Needs

Residents with special needs should maintain a current record. To update your information please call 610-935-6054.