Fire Marshal


Fire Safety Inspections

The Schuylkill Township Fire Marshal’s Office conducts fire safety inspections of all types of occupied buildings and buildings under construction and renovation except for one- and two-family homes in the Township. The inspected buildings include schools, hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers, restaurants, businesses, stores, and hotels. All of these buildings must be in compliance with the Township’s Fire Code, the International Fire Code, and NFPA.

The Fire Marshal’s Office works closely with the Police Department, the Code Enforcement Department, and various County and State agencies. The Fire Marshal’s Office also interacts with the Fire Department on various items including advising the fire department of the hazards that the department may encounter in a fire or other incident.

Fire Protection

Fire Protection is provided by Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company.

Safety Information

In addition to doing fire safety inspections, the Fire Marshal and Assistant Fire Marshals provide fire safety information to business owners, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and members of the general public. The Fire Marshal’s Office is vigilant in its duty to identify and advise what the fire safety problems are in a particular building and how those problems represent a hazard to people and property. Education and public awareness are two of the biggest factors in preventing fire-related deaths, injuries, and property damage.

Open Burning Policy

Remember that there is no open burning in Schuylkill Township.

Smoke Detectors

Please check your smoke detectors on a regular basis and remember to change the battery.

Notify the Department of Your Address

Please post your street address on your house so that we can find you in your time of need (It is a Township Ordinance).

Smart 911

Plan ahead, with Smart911. Get help in an emergency faster. Registering with Smart911 will provide the 911 operator with all your information should you ever call with a medical emergency, house fire, car accident, or other incidents.

Fire Stations

Find the locations of the fire stations in the area.