Oral Histories


Schuylkill Township is much more than a beautiful landscape, fine buildings, and lovely homes. It is people - wonderful, dynamic people. The purpose of the Oral History Project of the Historical Commission of Schuylkill Township is to capture the voices of our people.

Some residents have lived in the township for sixty years, or even more. Our people have wonderful stories to tell about the little school buildings that dotted the area, the history of the post office, and the horse shows at the fire station. Swimming in Valley Creek and ice skating at Ewings Pond were part of the summer and winter scene. There was a trolley that ran down Valley Park Road, and a little mining train that come over Mount Misery. Who would know about all this without people telling their stories?

The oral history interviews focus on pre-selected topics and are recorded on audio tape. The transcript of the tape is reviewed for accuracy, revised, and printed. A copy of the transcription is in the files of the Historical Commission. These transcripts are available below in PDF format:

Transcripts in PDF Format

Share Your Story

If you like to share your story about Schuylkill Township, contact the Schuylkill Township office to get in touch with the Historical Commission.