All residents and commercial, industrial, and institutional establishments in Schuylkill Township are mandated to contract private contacts with registered waste haulers to remove all municipal waste generated on their property a minimum of once a week. View a list of registered haulers (PDF). In residential areas, waste must be collected a minimum of one time per week; recyclable materials must be collected a minimum of one time every week, and leaf waste collection is to be offered a minimum of once per month in the spring, including the months of March, April and May, and once per month in the fall, including the months of October, November, and December. Per Township Code Section 303-18 E (6), haulers may not collect or transfer materials before 6 am or after 8 pm.

Schuylkill Township does not provide bulk item pickup services. Bulk item pickups must be scheduled through your waste hauler. Open burning is prohibited in the township.